Methods Lab

Methods Lab is a "laboratory" established to build an inclusive community of neuroimagers; expand opportunities to exchange ideas, share code, receive feedback, and learn new research methods through journal club discussions, workshops, and hackathons; and foster a culture of open psychological science and cognitive neuroscience at Georgetown University and in the greater Washington DC area.

Journal Club

We meet weekly to discuss relevant papers to learn about neuroimaging methods and/or interesting topics in cognitive neuroscience. Presenters partner up in pairs of two and present on a similar topic (e.g. representational similarity analysis). The first week is usually a foundational paper on the topic and the second usually features more-advanced treatment.


A few times per semester, trainees or invited faculty (internal or external) will lead a demonstration or hands-on workshop on a method used in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. Typically, these are paired with our journal club topics to continue discussions and broaden insight.

Hackathons & "Mini-labs"

A few times throughout the academic year, we meet either on a larger-scale (hackathons) or on a smaller-scale (mini-labs) to explore/analysis public neuroimaging datasets and/or improve neuroimaging resources (e.g., tutorial creation, code snippets or scripts, software development). These are typically informal, low-pressure gatherings aimed at improving skills and increasing research productivity. No coding experience required!


We have curated a (non-exhaustive) table of different resources (code, repos, tutorials, etc) that are publicly-available and helpful to the cognitive neuroscience community.

Get in touch

Do you have any suggestions for workshops, labs or socials? Don't hesitate to contact us.